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Welcome to Dave's Guns new and improved website. This website will easier to use and navigate, offer more search options, and better help you find what you are looking for! Keep checking back as we are making constant updates and modifications.

It used to be consumers would check with their local gun shop to see what was available. A hit or miss proposition at best. If you were lucky and had a cooperative sales person, they might even special order a gun for you. Today, that has changed. The buyer can access sites like Gunsamerica.com or Gunbroker.com and purchase firearms from thousands of gun shops and individuals across the nation.

Why look at one rifle or handgun when you can price compare or even bid on the gun of your choice out of dozens you located at one of these sites.

Additionally, we allow you access to our wholesalers site where you can check inventory, get firm prices including shipping and sales tax from up to three dealers.

Check out Galleryofguns.com. They are also the only wholesaler we know of who offers a Lifetime Repair/Replacement Warranty. This is over and above the manufacturer's warranty. How can you go wrong!

Our inventory on hand in Laramie can be viewed by selecting "Inventory" at the top of this screen. Move quickly though. These guns often sell while still enroute to us.

With gun ownership comes responsibility

Gun owners should seek proper training and assure that their equipment is safe and reliable. Proper handling and safe storage are essential. Dave's Guns can refer you to local trainers and gunsmith's to make your firearms experience safe and enjoyable. We can direct you to proper locking devices that provide safe storage yet immediate access.
Most of us realize that Law Enforcement is a valuable part of our society but are under no illusion that Law Enforcement can be everywhere. We at Dave's Guns fully support and encourage the Wyoming Carry Concealed Laws and the legal ownership of firearms.

Dave's Guns

Fax 307-745-3608
P. O. Box 1788
Laramie, WY. 82073-1788

E-mail: sgteds@aol.com

Ammo is in short supply as we approach November and we anticipate it getting worse. We stock some (see our inventory page) but we would also
reccomend these individuals:
The Ammo Dude, call Jim at 307-256-9741 Mostly new ammunition.
Be sure to mention that we directed you to them, Thanks.


Lucky Six, LLC, Call Gordon for Lyman, Lee, RCBS, Hornady, and Dillon products. Powder, primers, bullets and cases. 307-760-4214 Some ammo.
Other Gun Dealers in the Laramie area.

West Laramie Fly Shop 307-745-5425
Westbrook Pawn Shop 307-745-5815
Ann's Pawn Shop 307-742-2994
High Plains Taxidermy 307-742-8140
CIGW 307-745-9425

The Ammo Box (located inside the Music Box) 307-742-3774
J/D Customs located in Laramie these Master Gunsmith's have helped us with our firearm repair and custom needs. Specializing in 1911's, AR-15 rifles, custom built rifles, duracoat finishes and general tuning and repair. Call them for an estimate: 307-760-4634

CIGW Phone 307-745-9425, email cripinjun@carbonpower.net
The Armorer phone 307-634-5418

Mich Aldrich phone 307-760-0209, address 1600 South Second Street in Laramie.  
Firearms Trainers
Mark Palmer NRA Certified Home Firearms Safety and Pistol. 307-761-0095 Range Safety Officer
Donn Sneddon NRA Certified Senior Training Counselor 307-760-8275
John and Vicki Farnam Defense Training Intrenational, Inc. Trainers in Defensive Weapons and Tactics. 970-482-2520
Jay Remers NRA Certified Defensive Pistol


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